Nadulu Heritage Hotel

Nadulu Heritage Hotel

This Heritage Hotel is the renovation of a stately home in central Kerala. Legend has it that Tipu Sultan spared this building during his invasion of Malabar in 1789 AD, even camping here on his way to besiege Travancore. The building had been renovated earlier and additions made that severly altered its character. Our renovation reconstructed the layout of the building with the its roof providing cues to the original configuration. The building was transformed into a botique hertiage hotel with a large 500 sft suite focused wedding hospitality. The existing kitchen was completely renovated for banqueting and an electrocoagulation STP was added to meet code requirements.

Location: Kaipamangalam, Kerala

Year: 2014

Built Area: 12156 Sft

Design Team: Karl Damschen, Krishnan Varma

Photography: Suresh Siddhan